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Mario Armond Zamparelli is one of the distinguished, eminent artist-designer in our midst. His point of origin is New York City. His aesthetic stance is Euro-American. An artist-designer of international reputation, the strength of his creations are found in a careful comprehension of material, enriched by a very human vision. One of his unique areas of eminence has been his tenure of office, as Chief Executive Designer for the Hughes conglomerate. He was under a personal exclusive contract for eighteen years to Mr. Howard Hughes. His assignments for TWA, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino operations and Hughes Airwest which included the most extensive corporate identity in aviation history. His biography of Howard Robard Hughes entitled Enigma is near completion this Fall, as well as a compelling screenplay set in World War II with music by the Jazz composer and pianist, Dave Brubeck. Currently in development is the Mendocino Suite of paintings and Resurrections series in preparation for 2002.

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